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Name:               Valentin Hummel                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Nationality:         German                                                                                     
Domiciles:          Bensheim (D)                                                             
Family Status:    Single                                                                                                                  
Profession:        Student
ASN:                  DMSB (Deutscher Motorsport Bund)                                                
Licence:             International C                                                                        

Hobbies:             motorsports, fitness, triathlon

Racing Experience

Sports Cars

2011 - 20 years old

             Endurance Races

             Event:         Dunlop 24h of Dubai, UAE (Porsche 997 GT3 Cup MY2009)
             Success:     P2 in Porsche 997 Cup class, P12 overall of 86 starters 


          Event:          FIA World Rally Championship, Rally Wales GB
        Success:      P7 of 17 Teams at FIA WRC Academy, Ford Fiesta R2

          Event:         ADAC 3-Städte-Rallye Kirchham (D)
        Success:      P2 in Div. 7, P21 of 93 starters

           Event:         ADAC Rallye Bad Emstal (D)
           Success:     P4 in Class 8 on Honda Civic, P16 overall of 67 starters

            Event:         DMV Nibelungenringrally Lindenfels (D)
            Success:     P2 in Class 8 on Honda Civic, P11 overall of 53 starters

            Event:         ADAC Rallye Masters, Ostsee-Rally, Grömitz (D)
            Success:     P1 in Div. 7, P13 overall of 62 starters

            Event:         HFM Hessian Rally Championship, Limes Rally, Hungen (D)
            Success:     Class win in G19, P16 overall of 68 starters

            Event:         HFM Hessian Rally Championship, Rally Main-Kinzig, Wächtersbach (D)
            Success:     Class win in G19, P17 overall of 106 starters

            Event:         German Rally Championship, Rally Baden-Württemberg, Dornstadt (D)
            Success:     P1 in Div. 6, P20 overall of 64 starters

            Event:         ADAC Rallye Masters, Rally Niedersachsen, Osterode (D)
            Success:     P1 in Div. 7, P12 overall of 45 starters

            Event:         ADAC Rallye Masters, Rally Stemwede (D)
            Success:     P1 in Div. 7, P15 overall of 58 starters

            Event:         ADAC Rallye Masters, Rally Litermont (D)
            Success:     P1 in Div. 7, P23 overall of 63 starters

             Event:         ADAC Rally Masters, Rally Sulingen (D)
             Success:     P3 in Div. 7

             Event:         HFM Hessian Rally Championship, Rally Braach (D)
             Success:     Class win in G19, P2 in group G, P12 overall of 56 starters

             Event:          HFM Hessian Rally Championship, Rally Melsungen (D)
             Success:      Class win in G19, P25 overall of 55 starters

             Event:          Rally Oberehe, Hillesheim (D)
             Success:     Class win in H13, P6 overall on Citroen C2R2Max

             Event:          ADAC Rally School, Oschersleben (D)
             Success:      Best graduate

2010 - 19 years old

             Endurance Races 

             Event:          AvD 100 miles races, Hockenheim, D (PRC Honda)
             Success:      Best in class Div. 2, P3 overall

             Event:           AvD 100 miles races, Oschersleben, D (PRC Honda)
             Success:       P2 in class Div. 2, P3 overall

             Event:           24h of Nürburgring, D (BMW 320d RME) 
             Success:       "Youngest driver of Marcel Manthey Trophy"

             Event:           Dunlop 24h of Dubai, UAE (Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4)
"Youngest driver in the race"

2009 - 18 years old

Team:            ORECA Courage, Le Castellet (F)

Car:               ORECA Courage FLM09 (Formula Le Mans, based on LMP2-sportsprototype)

Event:            Invitation for Test on Circuit Paul Ricard (F) (26.02.2009)

Success:       "Youngest driver ever in a Formula Le Mans-Car"

                       best of 10 laps 2.09,67Min.; invitation to Formula Le Mans-Cup 2009

2008 - 17 years old

             Team:            PRC Pedrazza Race Cars – Works-Team, Hard (A)
Car:               PRC-Honda (Gr. CN under 2.000ccm, Div. 2        

             Series:          European Sports Car Challenge (SCC), AvD-100 Miles
Success:       4 Races à 4x Podium (1x P2, 3x P3 in Div. 2)

                                   7 laps overall leader, 1x Pole Position and 1x Fastest Race-Lap in Div. 2
“Youngest driver on the podium in Div. 2 ever”

Event:           Test day in Hockenheim Kleiner Kurs (15.09.2008)       
Success:       Best Lap 1,03.88 Min., faster than all SCC-drivers that day
                      W. Pedrazza: ”I only once had such a fast rookie at the first test-day, his name
                      is Mike Rockenfeller”.


Touring Car

2009 - 18 years old

Team:            Sport Garage, St. Etienne (F)
Car:               BMW Alpina B6 GT3
Race:             FIA GT 24hours of Spa
Circuit:          Spa Francorchamp (B)

Team-mates: Michael Petit (F), Armand Fumal (B), Luc Paillard (F)

Result:           no finish after technical problems

                       "Youngest driver in the competition" (18y118d)

                       Fastest driver of all 8 drivers in the team (No1-status, start-driver)


Team:            Team MP Racing, St. Etienne (F)

Car:               BMW Alpina B6 GT3

Race:             Race 5 and 6 FIA GT3-European Championship

Circuit:          Motorsportarena Oschersleben (D)

Team-mate:  Michael Petit (french GT3-Champion 2007)

Success:       R5 P23 of 27, R6 not classified after technical problems

                      best lap in R6 1.32,559Min., "fastest driver of the team in R6",

                      "Youngest driver in the field" (18y42d) 


Team:            Team Schirmer, Kelberg (D)

Car:                BMW M3 GTR ALMS (E92)

Race:             24h Nürburgring

Class:            SP7

team-mates:  Michael Funke (Professional, Ford worksdriver 1997-2005), Damian Flack

                       (Winner of Porsche Carrera Cup 2007, Australia), Heribert Steiner

Success:        best lap 9.26Min. , not finished after technical problems 

                       Tom Schirmer: "Valentins speed is at the edge to that of professionals;

                       if we give him another testday on the car, he will be as fast as Michael Funke." 


Team:            eco:racing-team, Denzlingen (D)

Car:               BMW 120d Coupé, Class VD (Production Cars Diesel)

Series:             German Endurance Championship VLN Nürburgring

Races:             18.04.2009, 13.06.2009

other Drivers: André Ibron (1x), Michael Petit (1x)

Success:         2x Winner in Class



Team:            Racing Event Motorsport, Mogendorf  (D)

Car:               BMW 135d Coupé , Biodiesel


Series:           German Endurance Championship VLN Nürburgring

Races:            03.05.2009

Drivers:         André Ibron, Thomas Laudage

Success:       no start because of engine failure in Qualifying

2008 – 17 years old

            Team:            eco:racing-team, Denzlingen (D)
            Car:               BMW 120d Coupé (Gr. G3), Biodiesel

(C) T. Bubel

German Hill-Climb Championship (DBM)
                Success:       8 Races à 8x Podium (5x P1, 1x P2, 2x P3)

Best of Group G-Classification (DBM)
            3rd DMSB Hill Climb-Cup Ermis Juniors-Classification 2008
            13th DMSB Hill Climb-Cup for Touring Cars (157 drivers)
            “Youngest Driver ever (17y+45d), Youngest Class-Winner ever (17y+93d), 
            Youngest Group-Winner ever (17y+190d) in German Hill-Climb-Championship”
            2nd "ADAC Hessen-Thüringen Automobile Hill-Climb-Cup 2008” (8 drivers)

2 test days on Nürburgring Nordschleife
             Success:       Cockpit-offer for VLN and 24h 2009

           Other Championships and Titles:

            “DMV Yokohama GreenTec Cup Winner 08”
 “First Driver ever to drive and win a race with alternative energy
(biodiesel) in a titled german championship”

            Team:           SZR-Motorsport, Simmersfeld (D)
Car:               BMW 330d E46 (Gr. H over 2.000ccm, 307PS, 700Nm)

Series:           French Hill-Climb Championship

Success:       2 Races: 2x Podium (1x P1, 1x P2, Turckheim (longest french hill-climb),  


2007 – 16 years old

            Team:            ADAC Volkswagen Racing Driver School
            Car:                VW Polo-Cup racing car

            Event:           1-day Basic-Training, Sonthofen (D)
            Success:       2nd-best-of-day à Invitation to Qualifying for 2008 season
            Event:           2-day Qualifying, Motorsports-Arena Oschersleben (D)
            Success:       20%-Best-of-Qualifying à International C-driver license

2007 – 16 years old

            Team:             ADAC and DMSJ, Frankfurt (D)
            Car:                Suzuki Swift Sport (ADAC), Gr. SE

              Car:                Honda Jazz (DMSJ), Gr. SE

Series:           German Finals Automobile-Slalom Juniors
Success:        2 Races à 2x P2 in Rookie-Classification
                       Best Rookie German Automobile-Slalom Juniors 2007

2007 – 16 years old

Team:             ADAC Südbaden, Freiburg (D)

Car:                Peugeot 206, Gr. SE

Series:           ADAC Automobile-Slalom-Cup Südbaden

Success:       3rd Automobile-Slalom-Cup Südbaden (only 5 Races of 6 driven)


2006 – 15 years old

            Team:             ADAC Hessen-Thüringen, Frankfurt (D)
            Car:                Renault Clio, Gr. SE

Event:           Licence- and Qualification-Course Automobile-Slalom 2007

Success:       National DMSB Juniors -driver licence

Formula Car

2008 – 17 years old

Eifelland Racing, Dudeldorf (D)
Car:                ADAC Formel Masters Dallara-VW

Event:             Test day on Nürburgring GP-Circuit (13.11.2008)
Success:         A. Hamper:”If we would do another 8-10 test-days on all circuits of 2009-season
with him, he would be under the Top10.”



until 2006 – 15 years old

Team:            AC Bensheim e.V. im ADAC HTH (D)

Events:          several races Slalom and Round-circuit

Success:       several times on the Podium

Training:       2 times a week

             Event:           European Sports Car Challenge, Nürburgring, D (PRC Honda) 
            Success:        Race 1: P2 in Div. 2, P4 overall
Race 2: P8 because of technical defect just before finish


              Event:         ADAC Rallye School, Offroad Park Oschersleben, D (BMW 120d Cpé.)
              Success:     Best graduate

              Event:         ADAC Rallye Masters, Rallye Sulingen (D)
              Success:     P3 in Div. 7

              Event:         HFM Hessian Rallye Championship, Rallye Melsungen (D)
              Success:     Class win G19, P25 overall of 55 starters

              Event:         HFM Hessian Rallye Championship, Rallye Braach (D)
              Success:     Class win in G19, P2 in group G, P12 overall of 56 starters

             Event:          Official Testday Paul Ricard HTTT, F (Lola Judd LMP2)    
             Success:     "
Fastest driver of KSM-Team" (Hideki Noda, Jonathan Hirschi, Jean de Pourtales,
                                  Stéphane Lemeret),
"Youngest driver on the track"

            Event:            VLN German Endurance Championship Nürburgring, D (BMW 120d Coupé)
Success:        Race 8: Best in class VD and 129th of 198 overall