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02.05.2009 - dress rehearsal for the 24h-race went wrong



17.04.2009 - Deutsche Langstreckenmeisterschaft Race 2

Because of the cancelation of Jürgen Elbracht before the first race, we had to find a new driver beside Valentin Hummel. We spoke with Andé Ibron of Racing Event Motorsport, whom we knew from last season, because he gave us some very helpful advices for our BMW. Racing Event Motorsport applied a BMW 135d Coupe in the VLN Diesel class D3T at the first VLN race of 2009. After a crash in the practice the car was hardly damaged and couldn't be repaired until the next race. That's why Andé drove on our BMW also to rate if Valentin could drive a 408hp/700Nm 135d Coupé.


Further more he supported us with his mechanics team which assembled the new Yokohama raintyres because of the rainy weather.


 With that bad track conditions the drivers had to communicate where for example oil or fog is on the track.

In the time practice on saturday morning it was wet. Valentin Hummel drove the first stint with 3 laps on the GP-track to make the tyres work and then one lap on the Nordschleife, where he drove a 12:21,755 min, a very good time on the wet track. After that Andé Ibron drove some laps on the GP-track and afterwards one lap on the Nordschleife but couldn't upgrade Valentin's time.

On the more and more dry track the other competitors drove faster times and we got more and more to the end of the field. But we had enough lead and didn't want to risk so much for just a faster lap and so we stayed in the box. At the end we had grid position 180 of 188 and with that the pole in the VLN Serien Diesel (VD) class.

In the box Valentin met a fan he knew from last season in the Deutsche Bergmeisterschaft who wanted an autograph of Valentin.



Until the start of the race the track dryed so that the drivers decided to start with slicks. André Ibron drove the start but after three laps it began to rain and André had to come in to change tyres like most of the other competitors. Then we had some problems with the distance rings so we used that time to make a drivers change. After nearly a quarterof an hour Valentin got out on the now very wet track. WIth fog and oil on some parts of the track, he got to show what he can. He drove 2 houres in very bad weather conditions without any mistake and came in the box on position 128 to change with André. With his best time of 12:20 min on the wet track and 3-4 overtakings per lap Valentin showed, that he is grown up to the challenge of VLN even with that bad weather conditions. After the stop André was on positon 134 but on the more and more dry track he drove to position 127 and with a 12:01 min the fastest racelap of the class.

Positon 127 of 140 and the best of class. That compensated all parties for that great efforts. In the end André Ibron said that Valentin is a very good and constant driver and would be able to drive the 135d Coupé of Racing Event Motorsport.

So he probably will drive the next race with André Ibron on the 135d Coupé.